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HB111 Signed Into Law!

On August 10, 2022, the governor signed HB111 (SB173) into law, establishing a Registered Dental Hygienist Advanced Practitioner permit. Many thanks to our legislative team for making this happen. A hygienist who holds an Advanced Practitioner permit can perform all the normal duties of dental hygiene, plus prescribe fluoride and chlorhexidine (or similar antibacterial rinse), expose radiographs, supervise and delegate appropriate duties to a dental assistant, and practice as an independent contractor that is not under the supervision of a dentist. The permit allows the hygienist to practice only in underserved areas, or on patients who are unable to receive dental care due to age, infirmary, or disability. A hygienist can apply for an Advanced Practice permit after they have worked 4000 hours in clinical hygiene. (You can read the full text here Once a bill becomes law, it goes to the board for regulations; we'll keep you updated.

Pictured below (left to right): Jessica Ross RDH, Governor Dunleavy, Senator David Wilson

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